Mum’s guide to…PREGNANCY

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Perfect guide for all stages of pregnancy or just if you are planning a pregnancy.

Thirteen years of school, eight years of university and four years of medical specialist training, yet nothing fully prepared me for the roller coaster ride of pregnancy and caring for a baby.

I was the clucky friend, the helpful mate that every new mother wished they had. I happily burped their baby, changed nappies and washed their dishes. Yet when it came to my turn to have a baby I still had dozens of unanswered questions.

Welcome to the life-changing journey into parenthood! A world filled with immense joy and cherished moments but also riddled with an endless flow of questions: What vitamins do I need to buy, and why? How long does it take to fall pregnant? When should I go to the doctor? What do I pack in my/baby’s hospital bag?

My book dissects the ever-expanding fountain of available information and provides clear, practical and evidence-based answers to questions about pregnancy.

- Dr Maria Renee Boulton

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